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Request the Breeder Referral List:

The list contains the names and contact information of Vizsla breeders with specific litter information. Email our Breed Referral Chair to request the list.

CWVC Member Information:

If you are a CWVC member in good standing and would like your Litter to be on the Breeder Referral list, contact the Breeder Referral Chair. 

Breed Referral Chair:

Becky Smith


Breeder Referral Program

The CWVC breeder referral program is a service provided by the club to assist people with finding a responsible Vizsla breeder. To be on our referral list, CWVC members must sign the "CWVC Breeder Listing Guidelines" document to which they have committed to uphold. The CWVC does NOT endorse, recommend nor guarantee any particular breeder whether on the list or not.

The CWVC relies on the ethics and honesty of individual breeders. We highly recommend buyers still take steps to ensure the Breeder is reputable. Responsible Vizsla breeders do the following:

  1. Adhere to the Vizsla Club of America (VCA) Code of Ethics.
  2. Test and ensure their Vizslas are cleared of hip dysplasia after two years of age and receives an OFA Certificate (with numbers) from the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA).
  3. Strive to breed according to the AKC Breed Standard for the Vizsla, drafted and approved by the Vizsla Club of America.
  4. Know the pedigrees of their own dogs well and will share pedigree information (such as health and temperament) with prospective buyers.
  5. Can explain why a particular breeding seeks to improve upon the dam and sire's characteristics.
  6. Introduce you to their Vizsla family and show you where a litter is being whelped and raised.
  7. Provide a written agreement for your review prior to sale.
  8. Provide AKC registration papers, a signed written agreement and a veterinary health certificate upon sale.
  9. Provide support to puppy buyers for the life of the dog.

It is the policy of the CWVC to noy provide referrals for Stud Dogs/Sires or Brood Bitches/Dams for breeding purposes. The selection of an appropriate mate depends on the traits and ancestry of each individual dog and potential mate as described in "Should I Breed My Vizslaand in the "Breeder Guidelines". Take the time to do your research.

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