Thank you for your interest in becoming a CWVC Member!

Below you will find that there are three levels of membership. The only difference is the number of votes that comes with each. You may choose any level and increase your membership level at any time.

Next Steps:

  • Choose a membership level (below) and create an account.
  • Attend a Membership Meeting: All applicants MUST attend at least 1 membership meeting and obtain 2 sponsors. Visit the events page for meeting information we hold 4 membership meeting a year. 
  • New Applicant Publication Announcement: Applicant and Sponsor names are published in the next “The Paw’s Print” newsletter after the CWVC Membership Application has attended a membership meeting.
  • Feedback Period: Voting CWVC members may send feedback on the published applicants to the CWVC Board until the 20th of the month in which “The Paw’s Print” is published. 
  • CWVC Board Vote: The CWVC Board votes on published applicants at the first Board meeting after the Feedback Period ends. A majority of Board members present is required for approval. 
  • Applicant Notification: The Membership Secretary will notify each applicant of the Board vote outcome. Applicants not approved can establish a Newsletter Subscription.
* Memberships are from July 1st through June 30th. 
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