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Responsibilities of Vizsla Ownership

Owning a Vizsla is a lifetime commitment and a major responsibility in time, energy and at times money. Vizslas often live until the ripe old age of fourteen (yes, 14). Before buying a Vizsla please consider the following:

  • A Vizsla will need you to care for its basic needs. Are you willing to feed, exercise, and clean up after your Vizsla when it's a puppy and when it grows old?
  • Is your home and lifestyle right for a Vizsla? If you work long hours, travel a lot on business, or have an active social life and are out a lot of the time, then a Vizsla might not be for you. Vizslas are very social and need your attention, affection and quality time.
  • Vizslas are high energy and require a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes of vigorous daily exercise. Consider how this will affect your personal lifestyle and if you can accommodate this type of activity daily. Please know that dogs don’t generally run around a yard on their own, YOU will need to walk, run, jog or hike each day with your Vizsla. If you're not an active person, a Vizsla may not be right for you.
  • Puppy and obedience lessons are essential and it will take time to socialize and train your new Vizsla.
  • Make sure you budget and understand the cost of good quality, nutritious food, veterinarians' fees, and training classes.

Vizsla Fun Facts

  • The Vizsla is a dog breed originating in Hungary. It dates to the 10th century, with the name Vizsla first recorded in 1357. The name is pronounced “VEE-SHLA.” The Hungarian word “vizsla” means alert and responsive.
  • Vizslas began arriving in the US at the close of World War II, and many came during the Hungarian revolution in the late 1950s. The breed gained AKC recognition in 1960. Through the centuries, the Vizsla has held a rare position among sporting dogs — that of household companion and family dog.
  • The Vizsla is a medium-sized sporting dog, the smallest of the pointer-retriever breeds. They are natural hunters that are great pointers and excellent retrievers.
  • Vizslas are color coordinated! Their eyes, nose, and nails are all variations of their golden rust coat color.

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