Field Trials

What is Field Trial?

Pointing breed field trials began in the US in 1874. This was a sport that began in the southeastern part of the US, where bird dogs and quail hunting were king. Today pointing breed field trials are a venue for evaluating “class bird dogs.” Dogs hunt for birds and display a bold, smooth running style, manners on game and a true finished performance.

Does the CWVC host field trials? YES!

The Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club currently runs two horseback field trials per year. These trials are open to all pointing breeds.  Stakes offered are Puppy (dogs 6-15 months of age), Derby (dogs 6-24 months of age) and Gun Dog stakes (dogs over 24 months old). The Puppy and Derby stakes are used to evaluate “future potential” of these young dogs. The Gun Dog stakes are the dogs with finished performances.

Dogs compete to gain points by winning the stake (or placing 2nd in large stakes) for an AKC title of Field Champion or Amateur Field Champion. In order to achieve these titles, a dog must win 10 points. Of these points, one major of three points or more, is required. Because the Vizsla is a “versatile” breed, it must win four points of the ten required from retrieving stakes. A dog may earn 2 points toward its field championships from puppy stakes and 2 points from derby stakes. 

Want to learn more?

If you would like to experience a field trial, plan to attend one of our trials! We are always looking for volunteers, provide free on-the-job training, and are more than happy to introduce you to the world of field trialing!

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