What owners will tell you about Vizslas:

  • A tired Vizsla is a good Vizsla.
  • You will never go to the bathroom alone again.
  • They love to sleep under the covers. Every soft cuddly blanket in my home is now a ‘Vizsla’ blanket that I sometimes get to use.
  • They can be demanding of your attention and will go to great lengths to get it.
  • They are very affectionate and love to be touching you.
  • They do shed but it is short hair so it is not that noticeable unless you are wearing dark clothing.
  • They respond well to positive reinforcement; harsh training can make them shut down.
  • They are exuberant jumpers!

Is a Vizsla right for you?

Vizslas are a beautiful and elegant-looking breed, originally bred to be a hunting companion. They are a very high-energy breed—not your “walk around the neighborhood” kind of a dog. If you enjoy the great outdoors and exercising, a Vizsla might be the right match for you. 

Vizslas are extremely smart, and love to learn and be active, making them ideal for hunting, field trials, agility, obedience, rally, and other fun dog sports. Vizslas thrive on attention, exercise, and interaction. They love to be challenged both mentally and physically.

They are very soft in temperament and love to cuddle with their human companions. There is an old Hungarian saying, “If you own a Vizsla, it lives on top of your head.” This is a most accurate saying and why Vizslas are often described as “Velcro Vizslas”! This breed does need a great deal of companionship and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. They also need socialization to all kinds of sights and sounds, otherwise their natural caution can become shyness that can be difficult to live with. It’s very important to take puppy classes to ensure you are properly socializing – it’s not just about training.

Take the "Vizsla Test"

  • I will make the commitment to provide my Vizsla with plenty of daily off-leash exercise well into their adulthood. Fenced yards are great!
  • Because Vizslas are generally soft in temperament, I understand they respond best to positive training methods and not a heavy hand.
  • Because Vizslas are generally soft in temperament, I understand they need heavy socialization, especially as pups, and throughout their entire lives.
  • I understand that Vizslas are very intelligent and can get themselves into trouble if left unsupervised for long periods of time. They love and need activity, whether it is hunting, agility, rally, conformation, other dog sports, plus plenty of play!
  • I understand Vizslas thrive best if they live inside your home with their human companions. They are very responsive, versatile family dogs and have earned the name “Velcro Vizslas.” They are not good kennel dogs.

Did you answer “Yes” to all of the above? Great! The Vizsla just might be the right breed for you!  If you think that a Vizsla is right for you, please read How to Find a Quality Vizsla and Reputable Breeder and visit our Breeder Referral Program. 

Thinking of getting a Vizsla so you can become a Vizsla breeder?  

Read this first! - Should I Breed my Vizsla?

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