2019 Calendar Photo Contest

We’re looking for the year’s best Vizsla photos to use in the 2019 CWVC Calendar.
Submitted photos will also be eligible for inclusion on CWVC.org!

Only CWVC members and newsletter subscribers are eligible to submit photos.
● Each CWVC member may enter up to 6 digital color photos for voting (no repeat entries of past winning calendar photos, please).
● Entry fee is $2.00/photo. Please make checks payable to “CWVC”. Complete the entry form, and mail it with your payment to Jo Reynolds at 2380 Liatris Ln., McFarland, WI 53558. Or, pay online using the "Add to Cart" button below.
● Photos must be digital. Email to Jo Reynolds (galuskareynolds@me.com). Contest closes Friday, June 23. Be sure to Include the dog(s) call name, registered name of the dog(s), and the owner’s name.

Use these guidelines when selecting your photos to help ensure uniform formatting and high quality photographs.
● Landscape or portrait orientation.
● Maximum digital photo size: 8” x 10”.
● Recommended photo resolution: 1665 pixels x 1325 pixels. Photos smaller than this will appear blurry on the calendar. When emailing photo(s) as attachments, select largest file size or resolution when you send. If you are not sure, contact Jo to check your submitted photo(s).
● No professional or copyrighted photos, unless the photographer is a CWVC member, or you have a writ
ten release from the photographer.
● The photographer must be a CWVC member, or the member submitting the photo must own at least one Vizsla in the photograph.
● No people in the photos—Vizslas and other breeds/animals only.
● Tips for photos that reproduce well:
— Clear (not fuzzy or low-resolution digital photos)     — High contrast (not too dark or light)
— Standout subjects, centered or symmetrical            — Close ups with simple backgrounds
● Photo suggestions: Puppies, dogs at home, field and hunting, agility action, rally, nose work, barn hunt, other dog sports, holidays, and of course—goofy Vizsla photos!

Voting is open to anyone and everyone. One ballot per person only.
● All photos submitted will be printed (4”x 6”) and mounted to poster boards for easy viewing and voting at the CWVC Specialty shows on Friday, June 30—Sunday, July 2.
● Photos will also be posted on the CWVC website the following week, so anyone not attending the CWVC Specialty shows can vote online or by email. Voting will close on Thursday, August 30.
● Winners will be notified via email and announced on the CWVC website; Calendars will be available for sale at the 4th Quarter membership meeting in October/November.

Download the Photo Contest Entry Rules & Entry Form here

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