CWVC Q2 Board & Membership Meetings

  • June 19, 2021
  • Ottawa Field Trial Grounds

CWVC Q2 Board & Membership Meetings

LOCATION:  Ottawa Field Trial Grounds - W367S4785 Hwy 67. Dousman, WI 

DIRECTIONS:  Exit I94 on Hwy 67 (Oconomowoc exit).  Go towards Eagle, which would be south.  If you are traveling south, the grounds are on the left side of the road.  Entrance is shortly after you pass County C/Hwy 67 intersection.

SPECIAL NOTE: A state park sticker or parking pass is needed. Parking passes are available at the entrance to the grounds.

AGENDA:       8:00 am      Bird Training (advance sign-up required

                      10:00 am     Board Meeting

                      11:00 am     Member arrival & set up

                      12:00pm      Membership Meeting

Meeting will be held on the veranda behind the building (building will not be open).  Pit toilets will be available to use.  You are welcome to take your dog for a run around the grounds after the meeting.

WHAT TO BRING:  Club will provide bottled water and dessert!

  • Supplies for you - lawn chairs, sun block, bug spray, etc.
  • Supplies for your dogs – water, crate, x-pen, etc.
  • A “Picnic Lunch” for yourself -  no dishes to share

Training Day - Cancelled

Due to lack of interest, we unfortunately had to cancel our scheduled training day.


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